Tools and Hardwares

A/C Frame
Adjustable Wrench
Allen Key Set
Anchor Gal
Angle Grinder
Bolt Cutter
Cable Connector
Cable Connector Set
Cable Cutter
Caulking Gun
Cement Sprayer
Ceramic Cap
Chalk Line Reel
Chipping Hammer
Circular Saw
Circular Saw Blade
Clamp Steel
Cleaning Brush
Collet Body
Cordless Drill
Cordless Screwdriver
Cutting Disc
Cylinder Key
Diamond Cup Wheel
Die Grinder
Disposable  Coverall
Door Bell
Door Closer
Drill Bit
Drill Chuck
Drywall Screwdriver
Ear Plug
Electrical Light
Electrical Tape
Electrode Holder
Emery Sheet
Exhaustic Fan
Extention Cable
Eye Bolt
Eye Wash
Face Mask
Fire Extinguisher
G-Clamp SG Iron 10″ Wert
General Items
A/C Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set
A/C Spring Locking Coupling Tool – 4pcs Set
Aluminium Bar Tube – Plastering – 6mtr
Bellotta- Wood Saw
Compersor Fittigs
Cutting Torch – Safe Master
Door Stopper
Earth Clamp 300A Superior Quality
Earth Clamp 500A Superior Quality
Glass Wiper 25cm China Steel
Heyco – Srew Pitch Gats
Knife-Cutter Knefe
Leather Jacket
Monkey – Cap Navy Blue
Plastic Wrap Roll
Puncture Accessories
PVC Chamfer 25mmx 2mtr
Safety Cone – Flurosent
Truck with Hand-Gas Cylinders with Chain-W38xL58cm
Tube Cutter 3-28mm 1/8-1 //8
Tube Cutter – 3-30mm 1-1/8
Water Gun
Wheel Trolley 4 Pcs Set Black
Wire Clamp – Badaliwan
Wire Rope – 6MM – Badaliwan
Super Glue
Grinding Stone
Hack Saw Blade
Hack Saw Blade
Hack Saw Blade 1″
Hacksaw Frame
Hack Saw Frame 12″ WERT
Hacksaw Frame Stonec
Hacksaw Tramotina
Junior Hack Saw Frame 6″ WERT
Halagen Lamp
Halagon Bulb 500w Sunshine
Halegen Choke
Halogen Lamp 1000W Kistenmacher
Halogen Lamp 500 W Kistenmacher
Ball Pein Hammer Wooden Handle 12oz-Proxima
Ball Pein Hammer Wooden Handle 24oz-Proxima
Brick Hammer Wooden Handle 16oz-Proxima
Brick Hammer Wooden Handle 20oz-Proxima
Claw Hammer 16 Oz Steel Tuble Handle Stanley
Claw Hammer 20 Oz Steel Tuble Handle Stanley
Claw Hammer 8 Oz Deweesser
Claw Hammer 8oz  –  Kitool
Claw Hammer Stonec – 12oz
Claw Hammer Stonec – 16oz
Hammer 1000gm Machanist – Kitool
Hammer – 10LB – Kitool
Hammer – 12LB – Kitool
Hammer – 14 LB- Kitool
Hammer 2000gm Machanist – Kitool
Hammer 300gm Machanist – Kitool
Hammer – 5000Gm – Long Pointed – Kitool
Hammer 500gm Machanist – Kitool
Hammer -6 LB – Long – Kitool
Hammer 800gm Machanist – Kitool
Hammer – 8 LB -Long -Kitool
Hammer Machinist Wooden Red Handle 1000 Gm
Hammer Mechinist Wooden Handle Red 2 KG
Machinist Hammer Stonec – 200 Gm
Machinist Hammer Stonec – 300 Gm
Machinist Hammer Stonec 500 Gm
Rubber Hammer – Kitool
Wooden Handle-Clae Hammer , 1000gm Tramotina Brazil
Wooden Handle – Claw Hammer 16oz Tramontina, Brazil
Wooden Handle, Claw Hammer 2000gm Tramotina Brazil
Hammer Bag
Hammer Carry Bag Syria
Hand Saw 24″ Stanley
Handsaw Carbon Steel Bld 7 Sz:22″
Handsaw – High Carbon Steel Bld/7 Point – Sz:18″ –
Handsaw High Carbon Steel Bld7 Sz:20″
Handsaw – Super Cut – Sz:20″
Hand Sleave Leather
Hand Sleave Leather -Aero Pak
Ditex- Cargo Lashing – Yellow – Holland
Heating Tourch
Heating Tourch Raider 35 cm
Heating Tourch Raider 45cm
Heating Tourch Raider 76cm
3M Helmet Rachet Type
Chin Strip – Helmet
Eye Vex Helmet
Face Sheild Chipping Protection Mbl FSY B 1111
Helmet 3m Yellow Pin Type
Helmet Brim Type Bullard White
Helmet – Grey Double Safety
Helmet Jetex
Helmet MSA Brim Type White
Helmet MSA Rachet USA
Helmet MSA White Rachet Type
Helmet Rachet Type MSA-II
Jsp Helmet Red
JSP Helmet White
Safety Helmet – Blue – Kitool
Safety Helmet STARD
Safety Helmet Stard Rachet Type
Safety Helmet – White – Kitool
Tuff Head Helmet – Blue
Tuff Head Helmet – Yellow
Hex Bolt Galvanised
Hex Bolt 10X100 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X20 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X25 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X30 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X35 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X40 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X50 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X60 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X70 Gal
Hex Bolt 10X80 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X100 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X25 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X30 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X35 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X40 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X50 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X60 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X70 Gal
Hex Bolt 12X80 Gal
Hex Bolt 14X100 Gal
Hex Bolt 14X30 Gal
Hex Bolt 14X35 Gal
Hex Bolt 14X40 Gal
Hex Bolt 14X50 Gal
Hex Bolt 14X60  Gal
Hex Bolt 14X70 Gal
Hex Bolt 14X80 Gal
Hex Bolt 16X100 Gal
Hex Bolt 16X30 Gal
Hex Bolt 16X35 Gal
Hex Bolt 16X40 Gal
Hex Bolt 16X50 Gal
Hex Bolt 16X70 Gal
Hex Bolt 16X80 Gal
Hex Bolt 18X100 Gal
Hex Bolt 18X50 Gal
Hex Bolt 18X60 Gal
Hex Bolt 18X70 Gal
Hex Bolt 18X80  Gal
Hex Bolt 20X100 Gal
Hex Bolt 20X50 Gal
Hex Bolt 20X60 Gal
Hex Bolt 20X70 Gal
Hex Bolt 20X80 Gal
Hex Bolt 20X90 Gal
Hex Bolt 4X16 Gal
Hex Bolt 4X20 Gal
Hex Bolt 4X25 Gal
Hex Bolt 4X30 Gal
Hex Bolt 4X35 Gal
Hex Bolt 4X40 Gal
Hex Bolt 5X10 Gal
Hex Bolt 5X12 Gal
Hex Bolt 6X16 Gal
Hex Bolt 6X20 Gal
Hex Bolt 6X25 Gal
Hex Bolt 6X30 Gal
Hex Bolt 6X35  Gal
Hex Bolt 6X40 Gal
Hex Bolt 6X50 Gal
Hex Bolt 6X70  Gal
Hex Bolt 6X80 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X100 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X20 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X25 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X30 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X40 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X60 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X70 Gal
Hex Bolt 8X80 Gal
Hex Gal 4X10 Gal
Hex Lag Screw Galvanised
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 10X100
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 10X50
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 10X60
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 10X70
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 10X80
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 6X40
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 6X50
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 8X100
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 8X40
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 8X50
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 8X60
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 8X70
Hex Lag Screw Gal – 8X80
Hex Nut
Hex Nut 10 Gal
Hex Nut 12 Gal
Hex Nut 16 Gal
Hex Nut 6 Gal
Hex Nut 8 Gal
Hex Nut Gal – 14
Hex Nut Gal – 18
Hex Nut Gal – 20
Hex Nut Gal – 22
Hex Nut Gal – 24
Hex Nut Gal – 27
Hex Nut Gal – 30
Hole Saw
Bi Metal Hole Saw 102mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 110mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 114mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 127mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 130mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 145mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 150mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 152mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 16mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 176mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 191mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 19mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 22mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 25mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 27mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 29mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 30mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 35mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 40mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 44mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 48mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 50mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 51mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 54mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 57mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 62mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 64mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 67mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 75mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 76mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 80mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 83mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 86mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 92mm Kitool
Bi Metal Hole Saw 98mm Kitool
Hole Saw – 25″- Kitool
Hole Saw Mandrel
Hole Saw Mandrel Deweeser A-2
Hole Saw Mandrel Dewesser A-4
Hook Bolt
Hook Bolt – 10X80
Hook Bolt – 6X60
Hook Bolt – 8X80
Flex Hose – 12″-300mm -Power Bult
Flex Hose – 18″ – 450mm – Power Bulit
Hose Blue Colour 3/4″
Hose Discharge Flat Pvc Blue Colour Sz:2″x50mtr
Hose Discharge Flat Pvc Blue Colour Sz3″x50mtr
Hose Discharge Flat Pvc Reinforced Sz3″x50mtr
Hose Ely – Creaztoni – Large – PRC
Hose Ely Creaztoni – PRC
Hose Light Red Colour 1″
Hose Light Red Colour 1/2″
Hose Light Red Colour 3/4″
Hose PVC Reinforced Sz:1/2″x3mmx25mtr Green
Hose Red Colour-France 1″
Hose Red Colour -France 1/2″
Hose Red Colour-France 3/4″
PVC Hose Black 1″italy
White Pvc Hose
Hose Clip Hi Grip 16mm
Hose Clip Hi Grip 20mm
Hose Clip Hi Grip 30mm
Hose Clip Hi Grip 40 -( Loose)
Hose Clip Hi Grip 40mm
Hose Clip  Hi Grip 50mm
Impact Drill
Impact Drill Fontana 10mm-500w
Jerry Can
Jerry Can Steel 10ltr Green
Jerry Can Steel 5 Ltr Green
Jig Saw Blade
Jig Saw Blade STARK
Jig Saw Blade-Steel/metals 5pcs Ultra France
Jig Saw Blade-Wood-Ultra France
Makita Jig Saw Blade
Key Box
Key Box-20 Keys Sz.L200xw160mmxh60mm
Key Box-48keys Sz.L250xw180mmxH80mm
Air Duster – 3 Way – Kitool
Air Duster Kit – Pnenumatic -Kitool
Body Filler  KT 522P – Kitool
Bolt Cutter – 18″ – Kitool
Heavy Duty & Riverter 10.5″ – Kitool
Magnetic Pick Up Tool – Kitool
Paint Gun -B4001-Kitool
Plastic Backing Pad 4″ – Kitool
Plastic Backing Pad 7″-Kitool
Pro – Velcro Backing Pad – 4.5″ – Kitool
Pro Velcro Backing Pad  – 7″ – Kitool
Rubber Backing Pad 4″ – Kitool
Rubber Backing Pad – 4.5″ – Kitool
Rubber Backing Pad – 7″- Kitool
Spray Gun Kit-990G – Kitool
Wrecking Bar – 500mm  – Kitool
Wrecking Bar – 600mm – Kitool
Wrecking Bar – 700mm – Kitool
Wrecking Bar 800mm – Kitool
Knife Blade
Knife Cutter China Yellow
Knife Stanley-USA
Knife Utility-BR 10 Dewesser
Ladder 6 Step Steel-Turkey
Ladder 8-Step White-Model Italy
Ladder Aluminium – Height 5-9Ft
Rod Bar – 10″ – Blue – Kitool
Rod Bar 12″ Kitool
Rod Bar – 14″- Blue – Kitool
Rod Bar – 20″ – Kitool
Rod Bar – 22″-Blue – Kitool
Rod Bar – 24″ – Blue – Kitool
Lighter – Cutting Torch – Baco
Lighter – Cutting Torch -Three Flint  – Baco
Ciza Pad Lock – 60MM
Ciza Squire Pad Lock
Cylinder Lock CIZA 60mm
Lock – Cisa – Rim  Double Throw
Lock – Cylinde Type  – Italy
Lock – Jassi , Italy – Rim – Double Throw
Pad Lock – 40 mm – Rich Door
Pad Lock – 40 mm – Solxd
Pad Lock – 50mm – Rich Door
Pad Lock – 50mm – Solxd
Pad Lock – 70 mm – Rich Door
Pad Lock – 70mm – Solxd
Pad Lock – Cisa
Pad Lock – Golden – Kilti
Pad Lock – Italy – Jassi
Pad Lock – Sz:25mm – China
Pad Lock – Sz:30/32 – China
Pad Lock – Sz:50mm – China
Pad Lock Sz:60 – China
Machine Screw
Machine Screw 4X10 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X12 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X16 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X20 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X25 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X30 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X40 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X50 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 4X8 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 5X12 P.H Gal
Machine Screw – 5X16 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 5X16 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 5X20 – F.H Gal
Machine Screw 5X20 P.H Gal
Machine Screw 5X25 – F.H – Gal
Machine Screw 5X30 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 5X35 F.H – Gal
Machine Screw 5X 40 -F.H  Gal
Machine Screw 5X50 F.H -Gal
Machine Screw 6X10 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X16 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X20 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X25 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X30 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X35 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X40 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X50 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X60 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X70 F.H Gal
Machine Screw 6X80 F.H Gal
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:5X25
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:5X30
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:5X40
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:5X60
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:5X70
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:5X80
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:6X10
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:6X12
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:6X16
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:6X20
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:6X25
Machine Screw P.H Gal – Sz:6X30
3M – 9010 Dust Mask
3M Mask 6200/7025 Respirator
3M Mask – 8210
3M Mask – 8511 – Filter Type
3m Mask Loose
Face Mask Disposable – Komy
Face Mask – Surgical Disposable Komy
Measuring Tape
Measuring Tape 100 Mtr Wert
Measuring Tape 3 Mtr-Kitool
Measuring Tape 50mtr HERO China
Measuring Tape 5 Mtr Kitool
Measuring Tape Deweesser 5Mtr
Measuring Tape Dewesser 7.5Mtr
Measuring Tape Fibre Glass 10m-Wert
Measuring Tape Fibre Glass 15m-Wert
Measuring Tape Fibre Glass 20m-Wert
Measuring Tape Fibre Glass 30m-Wert
Measuring Tape – Fontana – 3M
Measuring Tape Steel 10m WERT
Measuring Tape Steel 15m WERT
Measuring Tape Steel 20m WERT
Measuring Tape – Stonec – 3M
Measuring Tape Wood – 5MTR
Measuring Tape Wood – 7.5 Mtr
Mesh Warning
Mesh:Warning Orange W1Mtr X L 50mtr
Micrometer 0-25MM – Kitool
Multi Meter
Clamp Meter Digital-Kyoritsu Japan
Multi Tester Analog-Sanwa Japan
Multi Tester Digital-Sanwa Japan
Concrete Nail 1″ Boldman
Concrete Nail – 1-1/2″
Concrete Nail 1.5″ Boldman
Concrete Nail 2″ Boldman
Nail – 1″ – Concrete
NAIL – 1″ – CONCRETE – Jem
Nail – 2″
Nail 2″ SSD Yellw 4.5 KG Box
Nail – 2-1/2″ X11
Nail – 2.5″ – KND
Nail 2.5″ SSD Yellow 4.5KG Box
Nail 3″ SSD Yellw 4.5KG Box
Nail 3″x10
Nail 4″x 8
Nut Setter
Magnetic Nut Setter 10mm Dewesser
Magnetic Nut Setter 12mm Dewesser
Magnetic Nut Setter 13mm Dewesser
Magnetic Nut Setter 5/16″ Dewesser
Magnetic Nut Setter  5pcs-1/4
Magnetic Nut Setter 5 Pcs 3/8
Magnetic Nut Setter 5 Pcs 5/16
Magnetic Nut Setter 8mm Dewesser
Nylone Twine
Nylone Twine-130gm
Nylone Twine-200gm
Nylone Twine-75gm
Oil Can
Oil Can with Flexible Spout 300ml
Oil Can with Flexible Spout 500ml
Paint Brush
Paint Brush 2″ Romeo
Paint Brush 3″ Romeo
Paint Brush 4″ Romeo
Paint Brush-Black Handle Sz-1″ Tata -Cyprus
Paint Brush Black Handle Sz-2″ Tata Cyprus
Paint Brush Stonec 1″
Paint Brush Stonec 2″
Paint Brush Stonec 3″
Paint Brush Stonec 4″
Roll Brush – 4″ AOB
Roll Brush – 9″ AOB
Roll Brush Handle – 4″ – AOB
Roll  Brush Handle 9″- AOB
Roller Handle – 4″ – AOB
Roller Handle – 9″ – AOB
Paint Mixer
Paint Mixer Head Steel – 400 Kitool
Paint Mixer Plastic Head 80X400 – Kitool
Paint Mixer Steel – 600 Kitool
Pant & Shirt
Pant and Shirt Poly Cotton Work Land
Pant & Shirt Cotton Light Blue Komy Size – Large
Pant & Shirt Cotton Light Blue Komy Size – Medium
Pant & Shirt Cotton Light Blue Komy Size- XL
Pant & Shirt Light Blue 100% Cotton Frontier
Pant & Shirt Light Blue Poly Cotton Frontier
Pant & Shirt Poly Cotton  Dark Blue Komy Size- Larg
Pant & Shirt Polycotton Dark Blue Komy Size-Medium
Pant & Shirt Poly Cotton Light Blue Komy – Size XL
Polo Shirt Reflector Green&Black-Plrf2222(L)
T-Shirt Reflector Green Colour Mdl-TSRF1111(M)
Pipe Pvc
Pvc Pipe Black
Cable Cutting Plier Dewesser 8″
Combination Plier 8″ – Mdl- B-119A – Henglida
Combination Plier Dewesser 7″
Combination Plier Dewesser 8″
Combination Plier Stonec 7″
Cutter Palmera 225mm
Cutter Palmera 250mm
Cutter Small Orenge Harry P Will Germany
Groove Joint Pump Plier Dewesser 10″
Henglida Cutting Plier G11A
Long Nose Plier Dewesser 6″
Long Nose Plier Dewesser 8″
Long Nose Plier Stonec 7″
Long Nose Plier Stonec 8″
Nipper Diagonal Cutting Blue 160mm Unior
Palmera Plier for Wood
Plier – 13″ – Henglida
Plier – 7″ – Henglida
Plier – 8″ – Henglida
Plier – 9″ – Henglida
Plier Combination 160mm(406/4g160) Unior
Plier Combination 220mm(406/4g220)Unior
Plier Diagonal Cutting 160mm( New No461/4g/160) Uni
Plier Diagonal Cutting 180mm (New No:466/4g180) Uni
Plier External Lockring Bent 180mm
Plier External Lockring ST 180mm
Plier Internal Lockring Bent 180mm
Plier Internal Lockring ST 180mm
Plier Long Nose 170mm – Unior
Plier Long Nose W/Side Cutter & PGST (508/4G/170)
Plier Long Nose W/Side Cutter & PGST (508/4g/200)
Plier Long Nose W/Side Cutter & PGST – Unior
Plier Vice Grip Angle JAw W/Locking Lever-Tramontin
Side Cutter Bellotta 6110-160 PVC (Red- Small)
Side Cutter Belotta 6112-200pvc (Big-Red)
Side Cutter Stonec 7″
Side Cutter Stonec 8″
Side Cutting Plier Dewesser 6″
Side Cutting Plier Dewesser8″
2 Pin Holder White
2 Pin Plug Cream Colour Round
2 Pin Plug White ALAI
2 Pln Plug ZL White Colour
3 Pin – Flat  – 250w
3 Pin Plug – 15A – Enova
3 Pin – Plug – Enova – 13A
3 Pin Plug – Hjt – White
3-Pin Plug – ST17-1
3 Pin Plug TABO
3 Pin Plug Yellow St-17 Model
3 Pin – Yello Plug 220w
ST-17-1 – 3 Pin Plug
Plumb Bob
Plumb Bob – Steel Cylindrical – Wt:750
Plumb Bob – Steel Pointed Edge-400Grms- Tramotina
PlumbBob – Steel – Yellow Cover Cyl:Wood – Wt:500gm
Polished Blade
Polished Blade 6″ AOB-Red Handle
Polished  Blade Rubber Handle -120mm – Kitool
Polished Blade Wooden Handle 125mm Kitool
Polished Blade Wooden Handle 160mm – Kitool
Polished Blade Wooden Handle 200mm – Kitool
Polythene Sheet
Polythene Sheet – 150
Polythene Sheet Clear – 100
BUCO – 10/1 -85×15 2 Leg Puller
Buco 10/1A -125X15 2Leg Puller
Buco – 22/0 120X20 -2Leg Puller
Buco 22/1 165X20 2 Leg Puller
Buco – 23/0 120X20 3Leg Puller
Buco – 23/1 85X15 3Leg Puller
Buco – B10/1 +60/0 -60X5 -2Leg Puller
Pvc Cone
Pvc Cone
Ratchet 3/4″ Heavy Duty  – Kitool
Ratchet 3/4″ – Kitool
Ratchet Handle Normal – 1/2″ – Kitool
Ratchet – Plastic Handle – 1/2″ – Kitool
Ratchet  – Rubber Handle – 1/2 ”  -Kitool
Reflective Tape
Adhesive Reflective Tape -5cmx25 Mtr- Red /White DS
Adhesive Reflective Tape 5cm X 25m – Yellow/Black
Reflective Tape Parallel 5cm X 25mtr Yellow/ Red
Rivet Screw
Aluminium  Blind Rivet- 3.2X10mm
Aluminium  Blind Rivet – 3.2X12.7mm
Aluminium  Blind Rivet – 4X10mm
Aluminium  Blind Rivet- 4X12mm
Rod Galvanised
Rod Full Threaded 10X1000 Gal
Rod Full Threaded 12X1000
Rod Full Threaded 12X3000 Gal
Rod Full Threaded 6X1000 Gal
Rod Full Threaded 8X1000 Gal
Rod Full Threaded 8X3000 Gal
Polyetaylene Rope  – Dia 8MM
Polythene Rope Multi Strand Dia 3mmx50yrds
Rope:Polyethylene-MultiStrand Dia-10mmx100yrds
Rope:Polyethylene MultiStrand Dia-14mmx100yrds
Rope Polyethylene:MutiStrand -Dia.6mmx100yrds
Rope Polythylene Multistrand Dia 4mm X50Yard (45m)
Rope Polythylene – Multistrand Dia 8mm X 50 Yards
Safety Shoes
BICAP Shoes – Italy
Double Safety Shoes
Rigger Boot VBB-Brown P-129 Vaultex
Rubber Boot White Long Size 40double Safety
Rubber Boot White Long Size 41 Double Safety
Rubber Boot White Long Size 44 Double Safety
Safety Shoes East Sun
Safety Shoes MILLER
Safety Shoes Road Mate 253  SB  KHK
Safety Shoes Road Mate 568 CT D  BRN
Safety Shoes Roadmate 603  Sb  Khk
Safety Shoes Rock Land
Safety Shoes Rocklander INDIA
Shoes Working with Steel Toe Size:42 Double Safety
Shoes Working with Steel Toe Size:45 Double Safety
Safety Sling
Energy Absorber with 2 Hook Mdl DPA 2020 Double Saf
Full Harness Mdl JAG FH01 – Jaquar
Harness Only Mdl DPHR1001 Double Safety
Safety Vest
Safety Vest Black JAG- B-8001 Double Safety
Safety Vest Black JAG -B-8002 Double Safety
Safety Vest Fabric Zipper with Pocket-Zecura
Safety Vest Green Colour Heavy Duty Mdl – DSG 120
Safety Vest Green Mdl JAG-Y-2901 Double Safety
Safety Vest Green Mdl JAG- Y-6001 Double Safety
Safety Vest Green Mesh Type Zip-Pocket Zecura
Safety Vest – Green – Vaultex
Safety Vest Green Zecura Zip Type
Safety Vest Orange Colour Heavy Duty MDL DSO 120 DS
Safety Vest Orange Economy – MDL DSO- 120E Double S
Safety Vest Orange & Green Mdl JAOY-4120 Double Saf
Safety Vest Orange Mdl – JAG-O-2901 Double Safety
Safety Vest Orange Mdl JAG-O-6001 Double Safety
Safety Vest Orange Mdl JAG-O-6004 Double Safety
Safety Vest Yellow XXL Ziper
Scaffolding Tag
Scaffolding Tag
Scafoloding Spanner
Scaffolding Spanner 17-19 Dewesser
Scafolding Spanner 19-21 Dewesser
Angle Square 12″x8″ Stanley
Angle Square 25cmX10″- Kitool
Angle Square 45cmX18″ – Kitool
Angle Square 60CmX24″ – Kitool
Angle Square Black – 8X12″- Kitool
Wall Scraper Rubber Grip – 6″ Kitool
Wall Scrapper Red Handle – 1-1/2″
Wall Scrapper Red Handle – 2″
Wall Scrapper Red Handle – 3″
Wall Scrapper Red Handle – 4″
Wall Scrapper Red Handle – 5″
Wall Scrapper Rubber Grip – 3″ Kitool
Wall Scrapper Rubber Grip – 4″Kitool
Wall Scrapper Rubber Grip – 5″ Kitool
Wall Scrapper Wood – 8″ Kitool
Dry Wall Screw Black Buggle Head 6×3/4
Dry Wall Screw Black Buggle Head 7×2
Screw – 1″ Wood
Screw Bit
Magnetic Screw Bit Wert PH2x65
Screw Bit Ph 50mm Wert
Screw Bit Ph 65mm Wert
Screw Driver
Electrical Screw Driver 6ppcs Set – Kitool
Insulated Handle 7 Pcs Set
Screw Driver 10 Pcs Set Stanley
Screw Driver 150×6 Wert
Screw Driver 200×6 Wert
Screwdriver 20 Way Kitool
Screw Driver 250×6 Wert
Screw Driver 250×8 Wert
Screw Driver 300×6 Wert
Screw Driver 300×8 Wert
Screw Driver 5pc Set – Blue – HQ Tools
Screw Driver 6 Pcs Set Small Type Stanley
Screw Driver 6 Pcs Set Stanley
Screw Driver Bit Set 65l++Dewesser
Screw Driver Bit Set 65 L+- Dewesser-Star/flat
Screw Driver Bit Star 10 Pcs 25L Dewesser
Screwdriver – Electrical
Screw Driver Set 7 Pcs Dewesser
Screw Driver Star/flat Dewesser 12″
Screw Driver Star/flat-Dewesser 3″
Screw Driver Star/flat-Dewesser 5″
Screw Driver Star/flat-Dewesser 6″
Screw Driver Star/flat-Dewesser 8″
Screw Driver Star/flat Dewessr 4″
Screwdriver – Stonec 4×5 mm
Screwdriver – Stonec  – 5×6 mm
Screwdriver Stonec 6″x6mm
Screwdriver – Tramotina – Sz:3x125mm
Screwdriver with Tester Unior 6pcs
Srewdriver 5pcs Hexagon Bloster
Srew Driver Flat Dewesser 10″
Two Way Screw Driver EN
Wooden Handle Screwdriver – Heyco
Self Drill Screw
Self Drilling Screw Buggle HD- 6X1
Self Drilling Screw Buggle HD – 6X1-1/4
Self Drilling Screw Buggle HD – 7X2
Self Drilling Screw Buggle HD – 8X1
Self Drilling Screw Buggle HD – 8X1-1/2
Self Drilling Screw Buggle HD -8X1-1/4
Self Drilling Screw Buggle HD Black – 8X3/4
Self Drilling Screw Pan Washer -8X1
Self Drilling Screw Pan Washer – 8X1-1/2
Self Drilling Screw Pan Washer – 8X1-1/4
Self Drilling Screw Pan Washer – 8X1/2
Self Drilling Screw Pan Washer – 8X3/4
Self Drilling Screw Pan Washer – 8X5/8
Self Drill Screw Hex Head Steel 14×5
Self Drill  Screw Hex Head – Steel- Sz:14X1
Self Drill Screw Hex Head Steel Sz 14x 1 1/2
Self Drill Screw Hex Head Steel Sz 14×2
Shade Net
Mesh Nylon Net 2Mx50 Mtr Roll
Nylon Sheet 10X10
Nylon Sheet 5X10M
Shelf Brackets
Shelf Brackets 12X10
Shelf Brackets 5X4
Shelf Brackets 6X5
Shelf Brackets 6X8
Shelf Brackets 8X10
Shovel Pointed China
Shovel Pointed Steel Blade Long Wooden Handle- Tram
Shovel   Square Steel Blade Wooden HAndle – Tramoti
Signboard – PVC Plastic
Sticker  –  Big
Sticker – Small
Silicone – G1200/G2100 – UAE
Silicone Sealant -Black 260-280 Germany
Silicon – Sealant Clear – 260- 280ml- German
Sling Belt
Sling Belt 1ton- 4mtr 2″ Citex
Sling Belt 2to 4mtr
Sling Belt 4mtr X3ton
Sling Belt 6mtrx4 Ton
Sling Belt 8Mtr X4ton
Sling Belt 8mtr x 6 Ton
Websling:1Ply-Polyster Sz:2″x2M-1Ton – Holland
Websling,1Ply-Polyster Sz:3″x4m- 3Ton – Holland
Websling 1ply-Polyster Sz:4″x8M – 4Ton- Holland
Web Sling 4 Ton Bison China
Web Sling 5 Ton King Roy USA
Socket Set 1/4 & 3/8″comb-Metric4.5-19mm Jap
Socket Set 21 Pcs Set Japan
Socket Set – 3/8″ – HQ Tools
Socket Set Aceesa
Socket Set  Matel 1/4″ –  HQ Tools
Adjustable Spanner – Aceesa
Adjustable Spanner Dewesser 10″
Adjustable Spanner Dewesser 12″
Adjustable Spanner Dewesser 8″
Hand Spanner
Hand Spanner Kitool-KT600
Spaner Aceesa 14
Spanner Acceesa
Spanner Combination Wert India
Spanner  Dewesser 11mm
Spanner Dewesser 12
Spanner Dewesser 13mm
Spanner Dewesser 14mm
Spanner Dewesser 15
Spanner Dewesser 16
Spanner Dewesser 17mm
Spanner Dewesser 18 mm
Spanner Dewesser 20mm
Spanner Dewesser 31
Spanner Dewesser 32
Spanner Dewesser 33
Spanner Dewesser 34
Spanner Dewesser 35
Spanner Dewesser 36
Spanner Dewesser 38
Spanner Dewesser 40
Spanner Dewesser 41
Spanner Dewesser 42
Spanner Dewesser 44
Spanner Dewesser 45
Spanner Dewesser 46
Spanner Dewesser 48
Spanner Dewesser 6mm
Spanner Dewesser 7
Spanner Dewesser 8
Spanner Dewesser 9mm
Spanner Set Xpert 12 Pcs India
Spanner Spai 30-32
Spannner Bellotta
Foam Spray – Turkey
Halbert  Foam  – Spray
Spray Foam – AOB
Spray Foam Hexa-Foam Germany
Spray Foam – Romania
Sprayer Garden Yellow 5 Ltr
Sprayer Garden Yellow 6ltr
Sprayer Handy Yellow+Green 1.5ltr
Sprayer – White – 2Ltr
Spray Paint
AOB – Spray Paint – Dark Blue
AOB – Spray Paint – Green
AOB Spray Paint – Red
AOB – Spray Paint Yellow
Flurocent  Spray – Orange – Double Safety
Flurocent Spray – Orange Yellow – Double Safety
Flurosecent Spray – Green Double Safety
Flurosecent Spray – Pink – Double Safety
Furosecent Spray – Yellow – Double Safety
Spray Paint – AOB- Black
Spray Paint (Fire-Red) ABRO
Spray Paint – Red AOB
Sprit Level
Spirit Level 100cm Stanley
Spirit Level – 30cm – China
Spirit Level – 40cm – China
Spirit Level – 50 cm – China
Spirit Level – 60cm  – Stabila – Germany
Spirit Level – 80 Cm- China
Spirit Level Germany – 50 cm
Spirit Level Red 60cm – Kit Tool
Spirit Level Small 200mm Stanley
Spirit Level White – 60cm Kitool
Spitit Level  Germany -40 cm
Stonec Spirit Level – 50 cm
Stonec Spirit Level – 60cm
String Roll
White String Roll Modo
A/c Switch DURA England
A/c Switch New Maxx
Clear Tape-Transparent Self Adhesive-2″x100yrds
Clear Tape-Transparent Self Adhesive-2″x50yrds
Duct Tapae – 2″ – Blue Bird
Masking Tape – Blue Bird
Masking Tape – Self Adhesive 2″- ABRO
Measuring Tape 111-3mtr
Measuring Tape 111-5mtr
Measuring Tape 30 Mtr-Weiss Germany
Measuring Tape 3-M-Stanley
Measuring Tape 40Mtr-Weiss Germany
Measuring Tape 50Mtr-Weiss Germany
Taflon Tape – Green – 1/2″x10m
Taflon Tape – Yellow – 12mmx10m
Taflon  Tape –  Yellow – Boldman
Tape PVC Inulation – Vini
Warning Tape 3″
Warning Tape – 3″ – Elephant
Warning Tape – Red/White – FTC
Taping Screw
Scre-Flat Head- Sel Taping – 12X1-1/4
Screw – Flat Head – Self Taping – 10X1 -1/2
Screw – Flat Head – Self Taping – 10X2
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping – 10X3
Screw-Flat Head- Self Taping- 12X1
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping- 12X1-1/2
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping – 12X2
Screw- Flat Head- Self Taping – 12X3
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping – 6X1-1/2
Screw – Flat Head – Self Taping – 6X1 -1/4
Screw – Flat Head – Self Taping – 6X3/4
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping – 8X1
Screw – Flat Head – Self Taping – 8X1-1/2
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping – 8X1-1/4
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping – 8X2
Screw- Flat Head – Self Taping – 8X3/4
Screw – Flat Head – Self Tapping – 10X1
Screw  – Flat Head- Self Tapping – 10X1-1/4
Screw – Flat Head – Self Tapping- 6X1
Screw- Pan Head – 8X3/4 Self Taping
Screw- Pan Head – Self Head – 6X1-1/4
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping- 10X1
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 10X1 – 1/2
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 10X1-1/4
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 10X2
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 10X3
Screw-Pan Head – Self Taping-12X1
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 12X1-1/4
Screw-Pan Head – Self Taping – 12X3
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 6X1
Screw – Pan Head – Self Taping – 6X1-1/2
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 6X3/4
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 8X1
Screw-Pan Head – Self Taping – 8X1-1/2
Screw – Pan Head – Self Taping – 8X1-1/4
Screw- Pan Head – Self Taping – 8X2
Langlow – Paint Remover – 5Liter
Soldier Lacquer -Thinner
Thinner – Paint – Safra -3Ltr/Gallon
White Kerosen –  Big-999
White Kerosene – Small – 999
Thumb Buckle
Thumbackle 16mm
Thumb Buckle Free Size
Thum Buckle M10
Tie Cable
Cable Tie – 100mm STE
Cable Tie – 200mm – STE
Cable Tie – 300mm – STE
Cable Tie 3.6x100mm Dewesser
Cable Tie 3.6x250mm Dewesser
Cable Tie 3.6x350mm Dewesser
Cable Tie 4.8x250mm Dewesser
Cable Tie Black 3.6x150mm Dewesser
Cable Tie Black3.6x300mm Dewesser
Cable Tie Black 3.6x350mm Dewesser
Cable Tie Black 4.8x250mm Dewesser
Cable Tie Black 4.8x400mm Dewesser
Tie Wire
Galvanised Tie Wire – 7.5kg
Tile Cutter
Tile Cutter – 600mm – Juco
Tile Cutter – 700mm – Juco
Tile Cutting Disc
Tile Cutting Segmented Saw Bade Green 5″-WERT
Tile Cutting Segmented Saw Blade Green 4″-WERT
Tile Cutting Segmented Saw Blade Green 4.5″-WERT
Tile Cutting Segmented Saw Blade Green 7″-WERT
Tile Cutting Segmented Saw Blade Green 9″-WERT
Tile Cutting Turbo Saw Blade Blue 4″-WERT
Tile Cutting Turbo Saw Blade Blue 4.5″-WERT
Tile Cutting Turbo Saw Blade Blue 5″-WERT
Tile Cutting Turbo Saw Blade Blue 7″-WERT
Tile Cutting Turbo Saw Blade Blue 9″-WERT
Tile Spacer
Tile Spacer – 2mm -Alemantek
Tile Spacer – 3″
Tin Snip
Lever  Tin Snip 10″ Left Kitool
Lever Tin Snip 10″ Right Kitool
Tin Snips – 8″ – Straight – Kitool
Tool Box
Tool Box 3 Layer – Kitool
Tool Box – 5 Layer – Kitool
Tool Box – 5 Layer Long – Kitool
Tool Box – Blue – Germany
Tool Box Blue – Polland
Tool Box Solid Plastic 13″ – Kitool
Tool Box Solid Plastic 16.5″ – Kitool
Tool Box Solid Plastic 19″ -Kitool
Tools Set
Tool Set – 11pcs – Palstic Carry Case- Tramotina
Top Cutter
Top Cutter Orange Handle 6″-WERT
Top Cutter Orange Handle 8″-WERT
Trash Bag
Trash Bag 30 Gallon Pkt
Trash Bag 50 Gallon Pkt
Trash Bag 55 Gallon Pkt
Float , Steel USA Pattern  Toothed Wooden Handle –
Kapriol Trovel Italy
Plastering Trowel -Plastic Handle- 280X115 -Kitool
Plastering Trowel – Rubber Handle – 280X115 – Kitoo
Plastering Trowel – Wooden Handle – 280X115 – Kitoo
Trovel – 14X32
Trovel  – 18X 32
Trovel – 20X36
Trovel – Sponge Red
Trovel – Steel
Trowel  Sz:168×320 mm Open Type Plastic Handle, Tra
Try Square
Carpentar Try Square SS Blade 6″-Wert
Carpentar Try Square SS Blade 8″-Wert
Carpenter Try Square SS Blade 10″ Wert
Carpenter Try Square SS Blade 12″-Wert
Engineer Square 12″-Wert
Engineer Square 6″-Wert
Engineer Squire 10″-Vert
Tube Accessories
Tube Double Frame Manar 220-40
Tube Single Frame Manar Big
Tube Single Frame Manar Small
Vice Mechanic – Jaw Width 5″-125mm Baco , England
Vice Mechanics – Jaw Width 4″-100mm Baco , England
Voltage Tester
Voltage Tester – 140mm – Klinsmann
Voltage Tester – 190mm  Klinsmann
Voltage Tester – Stonec – 140 mm
Voltage Tester – Stonec – 180mm
Voltage Tester – Stonec – 190mm
Warning Light
Flash Light Warning Yellow 6v x 2 Battery Jaquar DS
Flash Light Warning Yellow Solar Mdl – DSSP-1070 DS
Revolving Warning Light 180mm – Magnetic
Revolving Warning Light – 180mm Screw Type
Traffic Baton 40 X 540mm Safety
Flat Washer 16
Flat Washer – 220-5X20
Flat Washer for Anchor Bolt
Gi Washer 1mm
Washer – Flat
Washer Galvanised
Flat Washer Gal – 10
Spring Lock Washer – 10
Spring Lock Washer – 12
Spring Lock Washer – 16
Spring Lock Washer – 6
Spring Lock Washer – 8
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 10X100
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 10X120
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 10X80
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 12X100
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 12X120
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 12X80
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 8X65
Stud Anchor W/Nut & Washer – 8X80
Waste Bin
Dust Bin 60ltrlight Blue
Waste Bin – Push – 40 Litre
Water Cooler
Water Cooler Plastic 10 Gallon Bister
Water Cooler Plastic 5 Gallon Bister
Water Pump
Automatic Pump Control
Water Pump – Indasit
Cutting Tip No:00 Harris
Cutting Tip No:0 – Harris
Cutting Tip No:3 – Harris
Electrode Holder 500Amp – Perfecta
Electrode Holder Sacit
Tungston Rod 2.4mm – Linde
Wheel 1.5″ – Kitool
Wheel 2″ Black – Kitool
Wheel 2″ – Kitool
Wheel for Chair 5pcs Set
Wheel Normal – 100mm Kitool
Wheel Normal – 125 mm  Kitool
Wheel – Rotating 4pcs Set – 50mm – Kitool
Wheel – Rotating 4pcs Set – 75MM -Kitool
Wheel Rotating Type – 100mm – Kitool
Wheel Rotating Type – 125MM Kitool
Wheel – Scaffholding – 6″ – Kitool
Wheel Scaffholding – 8″ – Kitool
Wheel with Brake – 100 MM – Kitool
Wheel with Brake – 125MM Kitool
Wheel Barrow
Tyre and Tube for Wheel Barrow
Wheel Barrow AOB-Green
Wheel Barrow Orange Bold Man
Whistle Plastic
Whistle – Steel 2pcs  Set
Wire Brush
Cup Wire Brush Dewesser M10-65
Cup Wire Brush Dewesser M10-75
Cup Wire Brush Dewesser M14-10
Cup Wire Brush Dewesser M14-75
Knife Brush Plastic Handle
Knife Brush Wooden Handle
Wire Brush Cup Type – Stonec – 2-1/2″
Wire Brush – Cup Type – Stonec -2-1/2″x M14
Wire Brush Spark Weld MS
Wire Brush Wooden Handle M/S
Wire Brush Wooden Handle S/S
Wire Cup Brush -10X2-1/5″ – Kitool
Wire Cup Brush  10X3″- Kitool
Wire Cup Brush 14X3″ – Kitool
Wire Cup Brush 14X4″ – Kitool
Wire Cup Brush – 14X5″ – Kitool
Wire Clip
Wire Clip 10mm
Wire Clip 22mm
Wire Clip 8 mm
Wire Puller
Wire Puller Plastc Modern -China
Wire Puller Tape Red Cabin W1/8″x1.1mmxl50ft KLEIN
Wire Puller Tape Red Cabin W1/8″x1.5mmxl65ft Klein
Wire Rope
Wire Rope – 10 MM 100 Mtr Roll
Wire Rope 16mm
Wire Rope 8mm 100 Mtr Roll
Wire Stripper
Wire Stripper VESSEL Japan
Wooden Stick
Wooden Stick for  Brush
Adjustable Wrench Dewesser 15″
Boas Intencones Wrench – 11MM
Boas Intercoes – Wrench – 13mm
Boas Intercoes – Wrench – 18mm
Boas Intercoes – Wrench – 20mm
Boas Intercoes – Wrench – 22mm
Boas Intercoes Wrench – 23mm
Boas Intercoes – Wrench -24mm
Boas Intercoes – Wrench – 8mm
Boas Intercoe – Wrench 21mm
Boas Intercones – Wrench – 12mm
Boas Intescoes – Wrench – 14mm
Boas Intescoes – Wrench 15mm
Filter Wrench 12″300mm
Heyco – W- German-11/32 – Wrench
Heyco-W-German- 1/8- Wrench
Heyco – W- German – 3/8 – Wrench
Heyco -W-German -5/8 – Wrench
Heyco-W-German-7/16 – Wrench
Heyco -W-German – 7/32 – Wrench
Heyco-W-German-9/16 – Wrench
Pipe Wrench – 1-1/2″ – Aceesa -804
Pipe Wrench -1-1/2″ – Aceesa -805
Pipe Wrench – 2″ – Palmera
Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty- 10″ – Super Ego
Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty – 12″ -Super Ego
Pipe Wrench Heavy Duty- 14″ – Super Ego
Power Grip  – Oil Filter Wrench
Scaffolding Wrench – Black Ratchet – Japan
Spanner – 10 – Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 11 – Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 12″ – Kitool
Spanner -12 – Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 13 -Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 14″ – Kitool
Spanner – 14- Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 15″ Kitool
Spanner – 15 – Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 16″ Kitool
Spanner – 16 – Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner-17- Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner- 18- Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 19- Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 20″ -Kitool
Spanner – 21″ – Kitool
Spanner – 22″ – Kitool
Spanner – 23″ – Kitool
Spanner – 24″ Kitool
Spanner – 25″ Kitool
Spanner – 26″ – Kitool
Spanner 27″ Kitool
Spanner 28″ – Kitool
Spanner 30″ – Kitool
Spanner – 8″ – Kitool
Spanner -8 – Henglida – Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner – 9 – Henglida Ultimate Gurantee
Spanner Accessa 14″
Spanner Free Size
Wrench Adjestable Crome 4″ Baco Germany
Wrench Adjustable Chrome Vanadium -10″ Tramontina
Wrench Set Combination 10pcs(6to17mm) Tramontina
Wrench Set Combination 5pc(10to14mm) Tramontia
Wrench T Type 4″ Baco Germany
Block Mesh – 20X15
Bucket – Mason (Black)
CRC Spray Co-Contact Cleaner 400ml
Heating Torch Joke Set 40x350mm
Hose Clip (Loose)
Jerry Can Steel Narrow Flat Military Green
Joke Set Heating Torch 60x350mm
Kitool Bit – 8 Pcs
Mesh Warning Orange Color Size:W1MX 15 M/Roll
Paint Brush Black Handle Sz-4″ Tata Cyprus
Traffic Cone 100cm -Red/White
Traffic Cone 75cm Red-White
Trash Bag
WD-40 – Rust Remover